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David Weissman
Interim Executive Director

David and his wife Ellen Weiser arrived in Fairbanks in 2008 from PA. In PA, David was a partner in a small consulting engineering firm and Chair of the Perkiomen Watershed Association Board. He was also very active in local recycling and environmental organizations. Upon arriving in Alaska he volunteered for IAGS’ bi-annual public recycling drives. He joined the board in 2009 working to help Green Star grow to be the preeminent electronic recycling organization in interior Alaska. During this period, David was also on the FNSB Recycling Commission.

In 2012 David and Ellen started on a worldwide adventure. They lived and worked in Peru for a year and traveled throughout Europe for a year. They returned to the US and could have lived anywhere, but choose to return to Fairbanks. After seeing recycling as very much a part of the European mainstream culture, David is re-energized to take recycling to a higher level in the Alaskan Interior. He rejoined IAGS’ Board to continue to work for greater public awareness and participation in recycling, reducing and reusing. David brings to Green Star 40 years of passion and commitment that individuals can and will make a change for the better in environmental issues. He also brings to the board his fundraising, marketing, business development, and organizational skills.

Sarah Marshall
Executive Assistant

Originally from rural Minnesota, Sarah moved to Alaska in 2000 to chase her dream of living where everything is bigger, brighter, colder, darker, more free and less crowded. She noticed right away, as most newcomers to Fairbanks do, that the recycling options were limited to nonexistent. Finding ways to recycle in Alaska is not easy and working with Green Star to expand and advocate for recycling seemed like a good way to go about that.

Sarah grew up out in the country, reusing and making due with what the family had, and is passionate about working toward getting back to that culture. The more we reduce and reuse the less we have to recycle and if you have a conversation with Sarah that will certainly come up at some point. She gets inspiration from the wild, wonderful nature that Alaska has to offer and believes that working to keep it that way is an important mission. Whenever she’s not recycling electronics or spreading the word about recycling at a Green Star booth, Sarah is out in the woods or by a river collecting sticks, bark, berries and rocks and enjoying our natural world.

Dan Bates
Warehouse and Materials Management Specialist

Dan is a lifelong Alaskan. He was born here in Fairbanks, grew up in Anchorage, and returned to his home town in 2007 to work for a gold exploration company and transfer to UAF to finish his degree studying Geology. In 2008, he started recycling scrap metals on a small scale from local transfer sites to raise extra cash and help pay for school. With the knowledge gained from studying geology and experience with metals mining, it made perfect sense to Dan that recycling was the way to go versus mining new materials. He is happy to have found Green Star and be able to share his energy and passion for recycling with other like minded members of the community.


Jacques Mara
Electronics Resale Coordinator

Jacques grew up in rural Illinois, where he witnessed a family friend establish and grow a recycling center. This first hand insight of seeing items recycled, instead of disposed of, had a lasting effect. After moving to Alaska in 1997, and having a growing interest in making music, he came upon the topic of circuit bending. Circuit bending is the process of adding additional switches, dials, etc., to items that make sounds, typically toys. The end results are items that make sounds they were never intended to make. Not wanting to buy the needed parts, he began recycling the parts out of discarded electronics. This lead to his realization that lots of discarded items have many usable parts that a variety of people want to obtain. He began and continues supplying usable parts to others, often times through eBay, for repairs and projects in a variety of fields.