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Program Basics

Green Star has been providing the Fairbanks community with special event recycling services since 2006. Initially, this program focused primarily on our partnership with the Tanana Valley State Fair Association to run a recycling program for the annual fair. In 2012, Green Star began expanding this program to provide recycling services for other large and small community events.

Over the past several years, Green Star has provided various levels of recycling services and support for the following events:

  • Golden Days Street Fair
  • Go Winter! Expo
  • Home Show
  • Earth Day Celebration
  • Midnight Sun Festival
  • Tanana Valley State Fair
  • Week of the Arctic
  • Golden Wheel Summer Spectacular

Get Involved!

recyclingIf you are interested in helping to collect recyclables at special events in Fairbanks, including the Golden Wheel Summer Spectacular and the Midnight Sun Festival, please contact us at 452-4152 or info@iagreenstar.org. We always need many volunteers to make these events successful.

Sponsors and Resources


In 2006, Green Star purchased 40 recycling bins through a grant from ALPAR (Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling) and launched our volunteer-powered special event recycling program at the Tanana Valley State Fair.


In 2017 Lush Cosmetics gave Green Star $15,000 to support backhauling electronics out of the Interior villages. With this money we are able to transport electronics and batteries via barge or airplane, at no cost to the village, to a responsible recycler. We have already received freight from 7 villages and hope to get more communities involved in this important program.


In 2014, Green Star expanded our program even further with the purchase of 50 new recycling bins, 10 billboard sign holders (to be used to give credit to our sponsors) and 100 recycling bags. This expansion was made possible by a generous donation from GVEA GoodCents, and allowed us to divert 2,153 pounds of aluminum and plastic from the FNSB landfill at the Midnight Sun Festival, Tanana Valley State Fair, and Go Winter Expo events.


Also in 2014, our then board member Pat Moodie designed and constructed a Recycling Sorting Table, which can be used to provide an efficient way to sort recyclables produced at an event! “Why a sorting table?” you may ask? Check out these YouTube clips for an intro or a how-to of this useful contraption!



Green Star was an active member of the Arctic Winter Games (AWG) Environmental Committee, which organized recycling opportunities for each event venue, helped recruit volunteers, and educated the participants and spectators about recycling options during the games. Green Star also helped create the AWG Recycling Legacy Project, which used the Games in Fairbanks as momentum to encourage more public venues to offer recycling options. Finally, Green Star helped create a “beginner’s guide to recycling in Fairbanks” video.